Quality Engineering

Quality as a primary and intrinsic feature of our delivery

The importance of reliable Quality Engineering and Assurance that follows rapid delivery cannot be underestimated. Cognizant Softvision’s quality engineering expertise goes above and beyond expectations. We have deployed delivery pods comprised of the best-in-class QA talent in the biotech, financial services, healthcare, high-tech, insurance, retail, and telecom industries. Because we know our clients’ business models and can apply agile methodologies to the quality process, we can help them respond quickly to malfunctions and speed release cycles.


The goal is to drive and maintain user retention in our partners. Having QE embedded in our pods and connecting business needs, consumer expectations, flawless quality delivery, and mature, optimized testing practices are all part of our culture and what drives us to excellence. Test optimization, automation, CI/CD, analytics, and machine learning in testing are key enablers for being successful. We are in a very competitive digital world where quality is paramount, an intrinsic feature of our delivered digital products.



Quality Engineering

The QA community was born to bring together colleagues passionate about manual and automated testing technologies. This group serves as a context in which everyone can get involved and contribute with their knowledge and passion.

Performance Engineering

Aims to examine systems behavior and performance specifically response time, scalability, speed, and the resource utilization of the software and infrastructure.

Security Validation

Security has become the number one criteria for both businesses and customers. Our specialized teams are able to identify potential vulnerability and exploits in most systems.

Ongoing Support

The team supports developers with their code and ensure that it does not break a set of automated tests.

Mihai Constandis

Quality Engeneering Guild Master

Cluj-Napoca studio

Mihai Constandis is a PMP and Certified Scrum Master with 18 years in the IT industry. His extensive and professional experience has evolved in diverse roles ranging from Engineering, Testing, Project and Portfolio Management, Sales, Customer Management, and the scaling of businesses and large engineering organizations.


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