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Transforming While Performing


About the book

Digital is reimagining an entirely new way to do business and go to market, with customer and technology at the center. Transforming while performing: how to create a culture of innovation with partners helps to establish a foundation and roadmap for what it means to be digital and to embark on this journey.
This book is meant to be a guide for any reader at any business level, digital and nondigital, who is looking for a partner to help them understand what’s most important and necessary steps when embarking on a digital transformation strategy.

Creating a Culture of Partnership

True partners continue to innovate to stay relevant. Business must incorporate new products and technologies swiftly and parallel to ongoing commerce activities. Digitally transforming your business for tomorrow doesn’t mean you need to bring business to a halt and stop performing for today. Transforming While Performing is told through a partner´ s mindset, one that can help digitally transform your core business for today’s all-digital environment.
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Transforming While Performing

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About the Author

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Andres Angelani is the Chief Executive Officer of Softvision. He has extensive experience building strategic partnerships that create new revenue streams, realizing innovative business models and market offerings through new ways of developing software; building high performance teams and the right culture to bring the best of what design and technology have to offer to industries. Andres is today at the epicenter of the digital economy, leading programs that have reshaped businesses and industries. His passion for music, science and technology helped shape his life and professional career, and has become an integral part of what he brings to his leadership in fostering innovative culture, inspiring and growing talent in new, transformative ways. Angelani is a frequent speaker and thought leader. In 2016, he co-authored The Never-Ending Digital Journey: Creating New Consumer Experiences Through Technology. Transforming While Performing is his second book.


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Transforming While Performing was a challenging undertaking, from shaping the ideas, words, and illustrations to conveying to our customers, partners, and industries the essence of Cognizant Softvision’s approaches in creating partnerships that effect impactful business outcomes in the digital economy. <br> This book would not have been possible without the dedicated and inspiring efforts of many Softvisioners, Alejandra Sosa, Bret Cunningham, Bogdan Nicule, David Bolcsfoldi, Eugenio Calamari, Fausta Ballesteros, Ines Casares, Ioana Chiorean, Jim Hartling, Mihai Constandis, Paula Fernandez, Ryan Riley, Snjezana Cvoro-Begovic, Forest Carlisle and many more.


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Book Launch Around the World

The 256 conference in Bucharest, Romania

Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant Softvision, a division of Cognizant Digital Business; brought the pre-release edition of our newest book ¨Transforming while Performing¨ to Bucharest, Romania.

Transforming while performing, webinar

We released "Transforming while Performing” a new book by Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant Softvision, a division of Cognizant Digital Business. See what Andres had to say when interviewed by Drew Ianni, Founder & CEO of Techonomy's CDX.

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