Why Softvision

We are a leading product engineering company, creating impactful end-to-end digital products and solutions that connect brands with customers. Delivering sustainable innovation, agility and a connection that inspires engagement and business transformation, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest leading brands. We are communities of experts in product, design and engineering, across a network of global studios located in ten countries and five continents.


Studio eXPerience

Studio eXPerience is a new operations framework, born out of the post-Covid working reality. Throughout Covid, Cognizant Softvision realized that mobility, optionality and experience really mattered, both to clients and to employees. Because of this, we created Studio eXPerience, a scalable and flexible framework for talent and clients that features three pillars:

  • Hybrid Working Model: Choose to work from home, from our studios, or another remote location. This flexibility provides much needed work/life balance, improves our culture, and provides enjoyment and options that are consistent with what we need in a post-Covid environment.
  • Facility Redesign: Studios are being redesigned with this modern approach in mind, to enable more collaborative and ‘heads up’ type of work when employees are working on-site in our studios. These redesigned Studios will debut first in Romania this fall.
  • Customized Experiences: This is really the role of our proprietary software app, enabling employees to customize the experience they need and want while working. This benefits our talent as well as our clients, and will provide both with real time information on trends, analytics and ultimately help inform data-backed business and technology decisions.