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Agriculture, Full stack web

Farmers Business Network℠ (FBN℠) is a start-up on a mission to create the future of farming by democratizing information, providing unbiased analytics…


Retail, Quality engineering

Our team of experts are fully integrated into Groupon’s culture to deliver their consumer digital experience, helping them become a $3BN empire.

Kaiser Permanente

Healthcare & Pharma, Full stack web

Cognizant Softvision designed and built a patient-facing website for Kaiser that improves the patient experience. It has grown into digital products helping with preventative medicine and enhanced doctor/patient interaction.


Retail, Mobile

Binny’s and Cognizant Softvision designed a digital experience that would allow associates to fulfill online orders quickly and efficiently as part of their “Buy Online, Pickup in Store” initiative.


Insights worth exploring

Post Image
Nov 30, 2021 Shaun Walker

WebAssembly: The 4th Official Language of the Web

It can be argued that the web and browser ecosystem is the most powerful and universal technology platform available today. And the number of web technologies to choose from these ...

Post Image
Nov 29, 2021 Monica Puisoru

What Is Apache Kafka?

Over the last few years, Apache Kafka has become one of the most used tools in the world. More and more companies have been using the distributed event streaming platform.  ...

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Nov 22, 2021 Softvision Team

Changing the Way We Think About Customer Experience

This September, Cognizant Softvision went beyond with our 7th-annual, week-long event dedicated to developers and software engineers from around the world. Programmers’ Week 2021 was filled with inspiring keynotes, specially-curated tech ...


Guilds: Our Communities of Experts

We work as cross-functional teams. Each guild is a world-class community of expert talent in an area of expertise. Through our guilds, we connect talent from around the world and infuse technology and design innovation in every team. Guilds are globally connected and locally represented at every Cognizant Softvision Studio.


Transforming While Performing


An engagement methodology that enhances agile delivery in multi-disciplinary teams (aka pods) and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

Guild enablement

A team and process to help our clients improve their talent development strategy, enabling their internal communities to behave, look like, and ultimately become mature digital businesses.

Outcome engineering

A creative process for digital engineering that marries technology perspective and design thinking methodologies, orienting product development to ensure desired business outcomes.


Our Studios & Culture

We have a model with cross disciplinary teams, as a part of your team, building an emotional connection with your customers, community of guilds for sharing knowledge and keeping you at the cutting edge.