L’viv is the jewel of Ukraine and known as the culturecapital for good reason. This UNESCO-listed city is home to nearly half of all architectural sites in Ukraine and hosts 50+ festivals each year. The Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv festival pairs well with its rich history in coffee and chocolate. You’ll want to walk through the city to enjoy the scents from coffee shops while visiting the 60 museums, 10 theatres, and 100 operating churches. You can also enjoy your choice of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Hungarian, or Austrian cuisine at one of the city’s many outdoor cafes. When the work day is done, head to the Carpathian Mountains to enjoy the outdoors or get ready for an adventure.

At the L’viv Studio, we’re a family. And in this family we are kind to one another, respect each other, look out for one another, and are quick to forgive. We look forward to coming to work, and we love what we do.




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