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Bucharest is the capital of Romania and serves as the cultural, industrial, and financial center of the country. The city is the largest in Romania, with a population of over 1.8 million. Bucharest is home to many museums, parks, restaurants and monuments among an array of impressive architecture. Once called “Little Paris,” the booming city has become one of the fastest growing high-tech cities in Europe.


In 2019, our Bucharest studio grew from 120 people to 280, and in 2022 to 500. Our team shares their knowledge on the latest technologies, allowing our talent to grow quickly and creating a culture of collaboration.

Horatiu Sachelarie

Horatiu Sachelarie

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Splaiul Unirii 165, București, Romania

What you can find at Cognizant Softvision Bucharest


  • Strong technical communities (part of global guilds) to welcome you and take you to the next step in your career: Web, QA, Android, iOS, Agile Transformation, Enterprise Coffee, Enterprise .Net, UI/UX, DevOps, Mobile Cross-Platform, Big Data, AI
  • The opportunity to attend various tech events, whether external or hosted in-house
  • Strong connections to the main universities in Bucharest, where our colleagues teach classes
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How to Become a Softvisioner / Our interviewing process

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Dec 8, 2021 Softvision Team

Cognizant Softvision’s Big Data Open Doors Initiative Engages All Communities

The Big Data Community, one of our largest communities, opens the doors for all Softvisioners in Romania through the “Big Data Open Doors” initiative. The goal of the initiative is ...


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Oct 29, 2021 Softvision Team

This November, Softvisioners Take The DevCon Java Stage

Cognizant Softvision is proud to join DevCon Live 2021, a high-end, virtual conference that unites experts, leaders and like-minded individuals in the field of IT. Starting on November 3rd, the two-day ...


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Oct 26, 2021 Softvision Team

Meet Our Recruiting Team at Romania’s Largest Job Fair

Angajatori de TOP is Romania’s largest annual job fair, bringing together the best employers and thousands of candidates from across Romania. With a business track and a tech track, ...


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