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We Create Digital Products
That Fuel Growth.


Design and Engineer Amazing Software

Develop Your
Product Vision

  • Prioritizing Business Outcomes

  • Crafting World-Class Product Roadmaps

  • Delivering Definitive Experiences

Software Products

  • Designing for End Users

  • Engineering Software, Start to Finish

  • Run, Learn, & Optimize


Business-Critical Applications

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Core Technology

  • Implementing Design Systems

  • Employing Microservices Architecture

  • Leveraging the Cloud

  • Elevating DevOps

Automate to Scale

  • Cognitive Computing & Decision Algorithms

  • Robotic Process Automation


Your Digital Culture, Be Digital.

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Talent Communities

  • Winning the War for Talent with Guilds

  • Creating a Talent Centric Organization

  • Building a Digital Talent Pipeline

Achieving Agility
Across Enterprise Silos

  • Leveraging Cross-Functional Mindshare

  • Delivering Outcomes with Pods

  • Modernizing Product Development Methods

Improve Continuously
Through Play

  • Building Results Through Meritocratic Culture

  • Continuous Learning and Enablement

  • Ergonomics and Culture


Guilds: Our Communities of Experts

Our cross-functional experts work together in Communities – fostering growth and idea sharing amongst each other with the foundational purpose of serving excellence in software product engineering. As technologies evolve, innovation becomes more competitive, and talent shortages remain steady, our communities allow us to scale craftsmanship amongst our experts, giving them a place to connect and the autonomy to thrive both personally and professionally.

Our communities are globally connected and locally represented at every Cognizant Softvision studio – setting the strategic direction, solutioning and support for our client accounts. They are a teaching system where everyone builds together. Being part of a Cognizant Softvision community means joining a group of people with similar skill sets, designed to help gather and share knowledge – expanding the expertise and careers of its members and ultimately fueling the growth of our business.