Quality Engineering Guild

QA has been involved since 1998

The importance of reliable Quality Engineering and Assurance that follows rapid delivery cycles cannot be understated. Softvision’s quality engineering expertise goes deep. We’ve deployed delivery pods comprised of best-in-class QA talent in the biotech, financial services, healthcare, high-tech, insurance, retail, and telecom industries. Because we know our clients’ business and can apply agile methodologies to the quality process, we are able to help them accelerate responses to bugs and speed release cycles, thus driving user retention.


Quality Engineering

The QA community was born to bring together colleagues passionate about manual and automated testing technologies. The community is a context in which everyone can get involved.

Performance Engineering

Aims to examine systems behavior and performance, specifically, response time, scalability, speed, and the resource utilization of the software and infrastructure.

Security Validation

Security has become the number one criteria for both businesses and customers. Our specialized teams are able to identify potential vulnerability and exploits.

Ongoing Support

The team supports developers of one of the main web browsers on the market to land their code and ensure that the code does not break a set of automated tests.

QA Case studies

How Groupon Went from a Digital Retailer to a $3 Billion Dollar Empire

Founded in the early 2000’s, Groupon sells deals with local merchants for a wide variety of goods and services, such as restaurants, events, and regional products. As a digital marketplace, Groupon offers its subscribers daily discount coupons by email, Facebook and Twitter feeds. AT-A-GLANCE Rated Best Retail App in the…
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How Mozilla is Building Innovation into their Digital Products

Mozilla, the non-profit organization that owns and delivers Firefox, aims to create products that make a connection to their users while maintaining their mission - to keep the web open for people and to fund open innovation. One such product is Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox Focus app, for Android mobile devices.…
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