Innovation at Scale

One of Cognizant Softvision’s keys to success is our ability to bring innovation at scale to our customers.

With the support of our Guilds and Communities, Softvisioners are constantly plugged into a stream of innovation through training, lab access, and community outreach activities. Our Communities feed into our Pods, which are organized under an extensively proven agile methodology, resulting in systematic growth with measurable outputs.


Agile Client Teams, Delivering in a Distributed World

For decades, our proven Pod model has defined successful software product delivery for our clients, continuously delivering for today’s businesses – from anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s one of our traditional Pods located in one of our global studios, or one of our Virtual Pods, the most capable delivery team built on a distributed workforce, our Pods are the backbone to ensuring continuous delivery. They are client-dedicated, cross-functional, agile teams that deliver sustainable innovation and results. Our experts combine technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of the client’s domain – forming the Core Members of our Pods, and giving the Pod its unique DNA.

Our pod model focuses on three aspects:

  • Pod structure and scalability (Mitosis)
  • Pod Delivery methodology  (Pod Framework)
  • Team retention and client satisfaction  (Game of Pods)
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Our Pod Model

Pod Mitosis

Our Pods are live organisms who grow, evolve and mature until they are ready to split. And just like in biology, we call this process Mitosis.

We define the Core DNA of our Pods as the intersection between our digital expertise and the intimate knowledge of our clients. The Pod members who carry this combination of expertise are considered the Core Members. When our Pod has at least two Core Members and a certain level of maturity, the Pod is ready to go through mitosis. One of the Core Members will split from the existing Pod and take with them all the learnings,  enabling the new Pod to hit the ground running. At the same time, because the existing Pod is mature enough and with the help of the remaining Core Member, the performance of the existing Pod is not affected by this process.

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