Our Approach

Transforming While Performing

The Cognizant Softvision model is proven to help clients achieve digital transformation. Our Guilds, are global teams with deep digital experience in their areas of expertise. Our delivery teams, called Pods, bring results and innovation to clients. Teams reside in our global studios in 8 countries bringing together the power of a network of connected communities. Finally, our partner ecosystem enables us to bring holistic end-to-end, innovation-driven solutions to clients. Together, these elements enable our communities and clients to transform while they perform.

How We Deliver

Communities of Experts

They are the Cognizant Softvision core, connecting talent globally, learning and growing together. Through our Guilds we infuse technology and design innovation in every team.

Systematic growth with Pods

Dedicated client teams are called Pods, made up of carefully selected experts from our Guilds. Pods combine disciplines to build or sustain products for customers and to help clients become more agile while building custom solutions for them.

Scale with our Studios

Our Studios are the home for our people — they are centers of collaboration, designed to foster knowledge found globally. Our Studio network brings the optimal combination of skill and scale to help our clients evolve talent, process and technology.