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WiTNY Winterns Program Debuts at Hudson Yards Studio

NEW YORK, January 6-24, 2020 – It was a different kind of winter break for Feizza, Shariya, Hope and Aaliyah, who took part in the first winternship program at our Hudson Yards Studio in New York. 

In collaboration with WiTNY, Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in New York, the winternship brought these four young women to the Cognizant Softvision studio for hands-on training. The women, who are majoring in Computer Science at local NYC-based universities, gained real-world experience during their three weeks in the program.

“Learning computer science in school and actually implementing it are two completely different things. It’s just amazing to see all the different meetings and processes that could go behind creating one product,” 18-year-old Feizza Fazilatun said about her mini-internship during January’s academic recess.

From January 6-24, the students went through different training sessions and workshops, coupling them with mentors to help empower them as a digital engineering Agile Pod. The result of their project was the development of an app that would provide a seamless experience for visitors at the Hudson Yards Studio. During the demo, Aaliyah John mentioned that the project, named Turbo SHAFt, includes their initials from their first names. 

Following an Agile methodology, Turbo SHAFt divided their winternship into three sprints, including the integration of front-end and back-end, QA testing, bug fixing, and a demo. Agile coach Ruxandra Patachia delivered a face-to-face workshop on basic project management and Scrum Agile methodology, while UX Designer Renata Amatore, who is based in our Buenos Aires Studio, discussed UX Design to help supplement the learning process. Other training sessions were business communication, software engineering, and a resume review.

For Hope Dunner, a junior student from City College, the opportunity to come to the internship and learn new things made her feel “definitely proud.” She mentioned that applying the learnings and producing an app that will have her name on it and will be used in the future was a goal accomplished. Her colleague, Shariya George, a second-year student at Queens College, said that her experience during the winternship helped her become a more confident professional. 

“Before coming here my confidence was not that high. I would say I never really saw myself having a career in a tech field. This experience gave me the necessary exposure to the fundamental skills that I’ll need to be able to work in a tech field,” she concluded. 

Cognizant Softvision looks forward to continuing supporting similar initiatives toward the development of women in the software industry for years to come.

About WiTNY & Winternships

Founded in 2016 with Cornell Tech, the City University of New York (CUNY), and industry partners, WiTNY propels women into tech careers through education, work experiences, and community building. 

Winternships can be the first open door for women interested in exploring tech careers. This immersive work experience exposes students to job opportunities in tech and computing while helping them build a strong resume and professional network. At the same time, it gives companies an edge in recruiting top talent.

Check out this video to learn more about the Winternship experience at Hudson Yards!

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