Winter In July: Making The Most Of Summer To Prep For Holiday

Softvision’s Chief Architect, James Hartling, Authors an Article for The Retail Touchpoints Blog

July 31, 2018 – Softvision’s Chief Architect, James Hartling, was a featured guest author on The Retail Touchpoints Blog. In the article, James gives”three-pronged approach” for retailers to prep for the coming holiday season.

To avoid an enormous amount of undue stress, below is a brief summary of James’ tips:

1. Keep The Business Front and Center
Take what you learned from last year’s efforts and update processes accordingly. Also, “take a good look at where the business stands today,” and map performance to anticipated big sellers to estimate capacity and ability to fill orders.

2. Check Your Tech
Pick one or two “customer-driven functionality items” to add to your online/in-store capabilities. Also, consider making all payment options available to consumers.

3. Engage with Operations
Starting early is key to making sure your operations team is aligned, from communications to technical operations.

James also stresses the importance of a “War Room,” which “helps pull everything together, combining technology staff, operations, business, marketing, social media, everyone to ensure that you’re able to monitor progress, track sales, make any necessary adjustments in real time and ultimately ensure that you do everything you possibly can to make your seminal holiday selling event successful.”

To read the full article, click here.

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