West Palm Beach becoming hub for technology companies

Softvision Featured in West Palm Beach WPTV

November 6, 2018 – Softvision’s West Palm Beach Studio was recently featured in WPTV. The West Palm Beach Arrow Digital Studio is one of our newest Studios, with a strong expertise in Robotic Process Automation, among other technology solutions.

The news piece discusses how downtown West Palm Beach is “making a name for itself in the tech world” as more and more companies are choosing South Florida over Silicon Valley. According to WPTV, employment in West Palm Beach has doubled the national average over the last six years, with tech growing by 24 percent.

The story quotes Robert Wells, Vice President of Strategy at Softvision’s Arrow Digital Studio. “Less than a year ago, we were less than 80 people, within that year and a half we grew to 160. End to end software development is what we’re really good at.”

Robert goes on to say, “We’re doing the right things and if over time, we put more effort into that and the community comes together to do that, the investors see the value of our area. They see that there are companies here with a lot of talent.”

The piece also reveals that there are more entrepreneurs in South Florida as compared to similar-sized cities, recruiting in the greater South Florida area has become easier recently, and that there is even more potential to be realized.

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