Cognizant Softvision at VoxxedDays Frontend | May 21-22, 2019

Two Softvisioners to Speak at 2019 Developer Conference in Romania

Voxxed Days Frontend is a developer conference that brings together popular speakers, core developers of popular open source technologies and professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience on frontend development. With several tracks on different topics (JS, Angular, React, React Native, Web, Mobile, GraphQL, PWA, VueJS, HTML, CSS, Typescript, Frontend testing, UI/UX design, and more), attendees can satisfy their curiosity and learn new skills while connecting with others and having fun!


When: May 21-22, 2019 

Where: Sheraton Bucharest Hotel

5-7 Calea Dorobanți Street

Bucharest, Romania

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Cognizant Softvision Keynote Speakers

ALIN TURCU, Mobile & AI Community Manager
Tech Lead

About the Speech: Hook up your ReactNative app

React 16.8 welcomed the dawn of Hooks that are adding missing pieces of functionality to React’s functional components. This March brought a new release from the ReactNative team that introduced hooks to mobile apps also.

The class-based API of React has been a problem for some time now. This idea of using functions instead of inheriting from classes plays well with the functional and declarative spirit of React.

Hooks makes it possible to organize logic in components, making them tiny, reusable and allowing you to use state and other React features without writing a class. You do this by hooking your code into React’s engine.

In this talk, Alin and Gratian will present the benefits of using the new components in a ReactNative app and discuss what is the current hype is all about.

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