Vancouver Studio Design Team Retreat 2019

Retreat Builds Team Morale, Encourages Collaboration and Enhances Development

LOS ANGELES, MARCH 11, 2019 – Eight Softvisioners from the Vancouver Studio travelled to Los Angeles for a four-day retreat. The design team has doubled in size in the past year, and the retreat was an opportunity to learn about each other, share knowledge, and gain new skills and perspectives, all while having fun.

The Design Retreat ran from Friday, March 8 to Monday, March 11. The Softvisioners spent the long weekend together with workshops led by JL Lum, Vancouver Design & UX Community Manager. The workshop topics focused on Design Sprints and Brainstorming Framework.

During the Design Sprint Workshop, the team ran through exercises to get a sense of the requirements and outcomes of design sprints, which are our framework for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with users. The Brainstorming Framework workshop covered the process that can be applied to brainstorm ideas for mapping the user journey, ideating on products, features, services, and more. Though these workshops, team members learned first-hand what it means to participate in key Cognizant Softvision design processes, and are now able to improve and apply their new knowledge to future cases to benefit our clients.

Aside from the workshops, the team spent their time applying the learnings and getting to know each other better. The Vancouver Design & UX members were also able to work together, fueling creativity and helping to inspire and create positive interactions. Throughout the weekend, relationships were strengthened and morale was high. We look forward to seeing the team’s continued growth.

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