Jan 22, 2020 · by Softvision Team

Unleashing Ideas with Liberating Structures

The NYC Scrum community learned new ways for personal, team and organizational planning

NEW YORK, NY, January 22, 2020— Last week, our Hudson Yards Studio in New York hosted its second meetup with the local Scrum community. Dana Pylayeva, an independent Agile/DevOps coach, led a group of 50 attendees in a series of activities, each following a set of “liberating structures,” including specific time limits and prompts for the participants. This allowed all attendees, even the most introverted, to participate and have their opinions shared equally.  

“Liberating structures” are simple rules that make it easy to include everyone, unleash ideas, and spark inventiveness by minimally structuring the interactions and liberating the subject matter. The main activity, Ecocycle Planning, had participants focus on the question, “What is in your Agile/Lean practitioner tool bag?” to organize and prioritize their current and future skills and actions. 

Ecocycle Planning involves mapping out actions across four phases of development in the planning process: Birth, Maturity, Destruction, and Renewal. Attendees were divided into small groups to generate their list of skills. Then, each group came together to organize these skills within the four phases and evaluated the patterns of their placements. They were asked, “What activities do we need to creatively destroy or stop to move forward? What activities do we need to expand or start to move forward?”

Besides setting priorities, the goal of Ecocycle Planning is to plan actions with everyone involved at the same time and see how their actions fit in the larger context with others. 

Leaders can then eliminate or mitigate common bottlenecks stifling performance and focus on agility, resilience, and sustained performance. 

Thank you to all of those who were able to attend! We look forward to hosting similar events in the coming months at the Hudson Yards Studio. 

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