Sep 23, 2019 · by Softvision Team

The Lviv Studio Running Team completed a 10KM race

Six Softvisioners got their finisher medals on an a running event in Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine, September 15, 2019. On a superb Sunday morning, the Lviv Studio Running Team succesfuly completed a 10km race, as a part of “Run the World” event. This is not the first time they have completed a marathon together.Every Sunday, runners from our Lviv Studio exercise as a group. “We get together to combine running, team building and communication, and also hope to inspire others to start training with us,” Community Manager Yuriy Vey explained.

Their next goal is traveling to the Munich Marathon in October. For those wondering whether to start running or not, Yuriy suggests going ahead and giving it a try. “Sometimes people do not like it after their first or second run, but it becomes more joyful and pleasant after some time if you keep training periodically. You start to get positive emotions, have more fun and enjoy the process overall,” he concluded.

Congratulations to our runners, and get ready to conquer Munich!

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