The Future of Work – Cognizant Softvision at the Ben Pring Conference in Argentina

In June 2019, Cognizant Argentina invited Ben Pring, Co-Founder and Director of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, to share his vision on innovation trends and opportunities that can transform businesses in the digital era.

A morning full of powerful insights, Ben shared his thoughts on the possibility of machines ever replacing all of human work. “Machines will never tell jokes or write symphonies. They will never create the solutions for your business that you create today as long as you are smart and continue to use these tools to ask better questions.”

He was joined by Ines Casares, VP of Global Delivery Strategy at Cognizant Softvision and Cristián Argüello, Country Manager at Cognizant Argentina, who talked about digital transformation and how we are helping our clients get to the next level.

“As we develop new products alongside our clients, we help generate changes in our client’s structure. These changes are necessary to achieve a true digital transformation, involving much more than just technology improvements,” Inés explained.

See some of the highlights of the event below:

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