Aug 11, 2020 · by Softvision Team

The Future of Mobile App Development

Business Review features Alin Turcu's insights on the mobile industry during the pandemic

In a very short period of time, the world went from being mobile to being stationary.

Alin Turcu, Mobile & AI Community Manager at Cognizant Softvision talks about the five emerging trends in the current climate, in Business Review‘s latest article, “Mobile App Development Post COVID-19”.

“It’s evident that the obvious winners during this COVID-19 era are apps in industries like remote work/communication, education, social media, and online shopping. Although daily active users of healthcare apps in South East Asia and India are declining, there has been a 110% increase in spending on these apps during the outbreak as the daily active users and downloads exploded in North America, Europe, and the Middle East,” says Alin.

Alin Turcu manages Cognizant Softvision’s Mobile & AI Community. Alin has been involved in all stages of mobile app development in his career, from coding to architecture solutions and coordinating engineering teams. Recently his main focus has shifted to building highly efficient teams and ensuring that everyone in the community has the right context to grow and learn new things. An active contributor to open source libraries and a knowledge sharer, Alin is extremely passionate about technology, software design, and is always keeping up to speed with the latest trends in the mobile field.

To read the full article, click here.

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