The C-Learn initiative takes over Mysore Studio

Leaders from all communities did a presentation to highlight the importance of joining the C-Learn online training platform.

MYSORE, INDIA, June 10 & 11, 2019 – Our Mysore Studio witnessed  a two-day presentation on C-Learn, Cognizant’s learning platform that softvisioners are using to complete trainings and build their digital skills. 

During the event, attendees were introduced to C-Learn concepts and courses, and the benefits of using it. Also, those identified as “Top Learners” were recognized for their efforts and collaboration in promoting interest on the platform. 

Other experienced users were also eager to share their views on using C-Learn: 

“I came to C-Learn to increase my FullStack skills. I must say I have benefited immensely. I am very confident to say that I am implementing the knowledge that I gained so far in real life scenarios”.

Sunil Saw – Software Engineer- Mysore Studio

“C-Learn, a one stop solution to update skills, helped me to improve and explore my Machine Learning skills”.

Ghanshyam Verma – Senior Software Engineer, Bangalore Studio

“C-Learn has all I want to learn. No need to browse through the entire web! 

 Manjusha NG – Senior Programmer Analyst, Mysore Studio

Kudos to the efforts of the community managers and partners in learning! 

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