Softvisioners Share their Knowledge and Expertise at Cluj Mobile Meetup

Mobile meetup gathers iOS and Android enthusiasts from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA, MARCH 2020- On February 27, 2020 Cognizant Softvision hosted a Cluj Mobile Meetup, where two Softvisioners from the Cluj-Napoca Studio presented on iOS debugging and automated testing to local Android and iOs enthusiasts. 

Held at Cluj HUB, a popular co-working space in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the meetup featured Madalin Sava, iOS Team Lead and Csaba Czank, Senior Software Engineer.

iOS Debugging like a Pro

Madalin Sava led the first presentation on iOS debugging, “iOS Debugging like a Pro.” Madalin has over 10 years of experience in the industry, during which he worked with many different technologies and platforms. Currently, Madalin specializes in iOS and is working on a large scale iOS project as a senior developer.

In this Meetup presentation, Madalin shared his knowledge and expertise with a group of local programmers and developers.

Madalin spoke of his experience leading the presentation, saying he shared his “knowledge about things you didn’t know you can do when debugging iOS (and MacOS) apps, from simple useful features in Xcode to complex lldb commands that speed up debugging and development considerably.”

“This talk was particularly challenging because I wanted to make it as practical as possible, to show how what I presented actually works in practice. The setup was quite complex and I had a huge checklist to help me prepare for the presentation, but in the end it was worth it, especially since there were even a few Android developers who said they understood what I did.”

In Testing We Trust

The automated testing presentation, “In Testing We Trust,” was led by Csaba Czank. As a Senior Software Engineer at Cognizant Softvision, Csaba enjoys sharing his experience with others and is always interested in learning new things and trying out new ideas and technologies. He has over half of a decade of successful experience in Software Engineering and actively participates in knowledge-sharing events such as this Cluj Mobile Meetup.

As automated testing in Android has become a huge trend with many recommendations about what to test, how to test and when to test, Csaba explored the different types of automated testing in his presentation. He also discussed the various types of automated tests and some of the tools that can help, such as JUnit5, Mockito-Kotlin, and Kluent.

“With this talk, I was trying to draw the attention of the audience to how important are the automated tests and what benefits they can bring to a project. I was also trying to show some practical examples so people can get inspired and see how efficient and easy testing can be with the new tools,” says Csaba.

Cognizant Softvision looks forward to hosting more events in 2020. Click here to read Cognizant Softvision’s latest news and stay informed of upcoming events.

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