Softvisioners Enjoy Running Together at the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon

Stories from our Runners in the 2019 Race

ROMANIA, April 2019 – Emotions. Pure joy. And a lot of fun. Seventy-five runners from Cognizant Softvision ran the Wizz Air Cluj Napoca International Marathon on April 14th.

The organizers announced that 7,117 runners from 37 countries participated at the 9th edition of Cluj-Napoca International Marathon races. We are proud that four of our colleagues, Lucian Surdu, Bogdan Mihalache, Bogdan Cristea and Adrian Olar ran the 42km marathon race.

Discover their Stories

It’s Sunday morning in Cluj-Napoca. It has started to rain, but our Softvisioners are ready to run. Read on to hear more about their experiences first-hand.

Lucian Surdu: “After experiencing my first marathon in 2018, this year I wanted to improve my time and by doing so as the main motivation I managed to perform 35 minutes less this year. This is not necessarily due to my outdoors running training but especially to indoor cycling classes that helped me more on the cardio side. I know there is still a long way to the threshold of less than 4 hours, but by training I will get there too. Every contest is different, but they all have something in common, namely overcoming the limits, competing with yourself. Thanks Softvision that makes this possible every day.”

Marathon Firsts

Three of our runners, Adrian Olar, Bogdan Mihalache and Bogdan Cristea ran their first marathon.

Adrian Olar: I decided to accept this challenge since I have been participating and proudly representing Softvision since 2016 at this International Marathon race. First year and the second one I participated at the relay race, then last year the half marathon, so this year it had to be the marathon. I have to admit there were times when I thought: ‘What was I thinking?,’ I most definitely was under prepared for this, but running is only a hobby for me, so I thought I had nothing to lose if I tried. I want to recommend this experience to anyone who feels comfortable to run at least 21k as an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. I must say that to get comfortable with 21k you definitely need a bit of training. The people cheering along the course and the overall atmosphere will help you go that extra mile and finish the race with a smile on your face. I’ve been crossing through the streets where the race happens previously for so many times but it seems like the city never looked happier and full of positive energy as it did on Sunday.
As a conclusion I must say that I hope this was the first marathon from the many more to come, I definitely enjoyed it and was a special experience.”

Bogdan Mihalache: “I just wanted to run a marathon and here I am! I did my best to complete it. I swear I did not lose any bets!”

Bogdan Cristea: My First Marathon. The 3.0 Release

“It all started a little unsure. How did I start, how else than with a running course? But from theory to practice we know well that it’s not so simple. The first trainings went perfectly, and in one month I managed to reach 21km run very easily. But soon I realized I had a very far way to go, and my trainings were becoming more and more rare. I wanted to change the race to 21km instead of 42, but the registrations were closed. I received very important encouragement to go forward and I decided to run 42km. Anything over 21km is a bonus.

Sunday – The Marathon Day found me in a very good mood, I run to feel good and have fun, thinking that I just can not finish it. At the very beginning I met Adi, my co-worker, super prepared and eager to finish the first marathon and I managed to run with him the first part of the marathon (Adi, Congratulations!). Cluj, our city, seen from the streets of the marathon looks the best in the 15 years since I’ve known it. There were a lot of people cheering in the streets, music, good will and especially friends and colleagues on the sidelines who cheered me on and encouraged me.

20km in two hours, much better than I expected, and for the first time I asked myself “what if.” It is 10 km much easier than expected, and a very cool dialogue with my friends who joined me on the route: ‘You can do it, as I sure can!‘ It was only a quarter remaining. The last 10km seemed like an eternity, but all the encouragement, all the support from my colleagues, I heard: “Good job, mate!‘… ‘Come on, you can do it!’ – coming from somewhere in the street, from colleagues wearing the Cognizant Softvision T-shirt with ‘I love running, I’m DYING, I love running’ did more for me than all the workouts in those critical moments.

And yes, I crossed the finish line. 42km in 4 hours 39 minutes 21 seconds.

It was a tough, complicated, but very rewarding experience, which I will surely repeat (well, two days after running when I could not move, I would not have said that).

It’s not your destination, but the way you end up there‘ – I think this is the best way to describe my experience in this marathon. I ran and was encouraged and uplifted by my friends and colleagues. I enjoyed Cluj and, as I call it, I delivered the ‘release 3.0.’ And if you want advice about what you DO NOT have to do in order to finish a marathon, you can find me on our Cluj-Napoca Studio, on 25 Racovita Street.” 

The Marathon Relay Experience

We had a lot of fun supporting our Marathon Relay teams, Androlead and Beauties and the Beast.

Team Androlead:
It was an awesome experience! From the beginning, when we decided to sign in as a team, it was really challenging, because half of us never ran 10km before. We motivated each other until the last day, to train hard and have confidence. Each of us knew that we had a responsibility for the team to give our best. During the marathon each of us shared our location, when we ran, so that the others can see where we are and cheer from the side. It was really great that the one who was running felt the energy and the boost from the team. It was a team effort from the start until the end. Also, on top of everything, we had a lot of fuuun with lots of smiles! We can’t wait for the next competition!”

Team Beauties and the Beast:
Cristi: “I really enjoyed the atmosphere around the runners, the kind of music played, and in particular the guy with the violin from Cardinal Iuliu Hossu (kudos for that).”

Nico: It was a great experience participating for the first time in the WIZZ Marathon as part of a team and that proved to be a precious support. As running is more of a mental challenge for me (I’m constantly telling myself ‘don’t give up, you can do it, you feel no pain,’ etc.), to know my team is counting on me I was motivated to push my limits a little more than usual. I really enjoyed it and generally the atmosphere was really colorful and energetic.”

Silvia: “The atmosphere was great, all the runners struggling to do their best, the supporters cheering us on and the volunteers doing an awesome job for us to have the best experience. This time I chose to participate in the Marathon Relay, my first time running with a team, and I can tell you for sure: it’s an experience you must try at least once! I loved it!!”

Roxana: The story of my 3rd Softvision team run, ‘The Beauties and the Beast’ version:

“I’m an active person…but I’m not a runner. Three years ago I signed up for my first ‘marathon’ in a team. Pushed by my ambition to overcome my limits I managed to run my 10km part. And I loved it. I loved it so much that I sign up every year just to have that feeling again. This year, I tried to find three colleagues from my project to join me but I failed, therefore I signed up for the 10K cross with a bit of disappointment of not having a team. A few days later, Silvia happened and while having a coffee, The Beauties and the Beast team was born. I met Nicoleta and Cristi via Skype where we decided our team name. We ran, we ran, we did NOT give up.”

Iasi Studio Racers
We also had two colleagues from our Iasi Studio, Iulian and Lucian, who ran the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019 – the 10km race.

Lucian Ciobanu:I have ran a couple of 10K races before but took a break over the last 2-3 years so the running event in Cluj was a great reason to get back in my running shoes. Having my colleague, Iulian, also willing to train and run in Cluj made everything more enjoyable and we ran exactly as we’ve trained! We enjoyed the street views, felt the energy of those around us and talked about random stuff we find interesting during the whole ‘race.’”

The Half-Marathon Racers

Richard Florea: “This was my first half-marathon, and it was an awesome, outstanding experience! Running along my colleagues and friends from Softvision, being encouraged and cheered by positive out standers and surpassing my inner limits was one of the best moments I’ve had in a long time. For me running is an expression of freedom and I’m glad I had a chance to run in this competition for our company!”

Watch a video powered by our colleague Richard Florea, while running together with Marius Badau the half marathon race.

The day ended up with lots of smiles and the sun shining all over the city of Cluj-Napoca.

#BeALegendInTransylvania – We did it! 

Congrats to all our runners!


Upcoming Sporting Events in Romania

Our Softvisioners from the Bucharest Studio are getting ready to run the Bucharest Half Marathon on May 11-12.

Our colleagues from Timisoara Studio will attend “Crosul Firmelor” event on May 12.

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