Softvision Welcomes New QA Talent

QA Pre-Employment Training: New Colleagues Share their Thoughts

IASI, ROMANIA, March 25, 2019 – As part of Cognizant Softvision’s continued efforts to attract and retain talent, our Studios in Romania train and develop individuals with high potential through our Pre-Employment and Training on the Job programs.

Recently, our Studio in Iasi completed a QA Pre-Employment Training session for individuals looking to start a career as a QA engineer. The program provided test cases and solutions to real problems, and encouraged teamwork in a professional, fun, inclusive environment.

The trainers were professional, knowledgeable and supportive. Trainee Oana says of her experience, “The interaction with the trainers was good I would say. Even if it was for the first time for others, or they were people with experience, I felt that they wanted to teach us everything they know. We had their attention and their support every time we asked for it.”

After four weeks of intensive, in-depth training, we welcomed seven new Softvisioners to the team!


On the company culture and what they like most about working at Cognizant Softvision

“Two things that come to mind: there is generally a friendly atmosphere in the office; and second, feedback is very important and valued. I liked the fact that when I asked for help, I received it, even after work hours.”  – Alexandru

“It was a very nice experience being in this office and I enjoyed how friendly everybody was.”   Florian

“ I think the way everyone had patience with us was the most amazing part and for that I am extremely grateful. My favorite part is that I can learn and evolve, there is a clear path ahead, and the people encouraged me to do so without fear of making mistakes.”  – Roxana

“My favorite part of working with Softvision is when I have contact with so many people and I have to learn something from everyone.” – Madalina

“There are a lot of things that I can learn and that there are many professional people with experience and willing to share the knowledge. I think that I will never be bored of what I’m doing, because I have noticed that “innovation” is the Softvision keyword.”  – Cosmina

On what you should know before joining a Cognizant Softvision training program

“You should know that you only need courage at first, to apply, for everything else you will be guided by amazing people with lots of experience and great soft skills.” – Roxana

“One should be eager to learn, ready to break out of the comfort zone. You should see it as the perfect opportunity to improve/learn and value the fact that you’re in a position where you can ask the trainers anything.”  – Alexandru

“You have to be very determined to make that change and that you might need to sacrifice some of your free time for practice, if you want to evolve. You should have patience because you’ll learn a lot of things in a short period of time and that you’ll need to stay focused as much as possible. But, most important, you’ll meet friendly and professional trainers that will help you get through this challenge.”  – Cosmina


Several of our experienced colleagues participated as trainers during the pre-employment program, and they continue to help tutor and guide our new Softvisioners.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the trainers: Alexandru Andriesei, Andreea Rusu, Catalin Sadagurschi, Cosmin Bardan, Gabriel Hrenciuc, Mihaela Cretu, Radu Butnariu, Raluca Hrituc and Teodor Nacu; and Community Manager, Liviu Dorneanu

“Regarding the pre-employment that just finished last week, it was a first-time experience for me, I really enjoyed it and it was also a bit weird, so to speak, at the beginning, because as I said to the trainees, until not long ago, I used to be ‘behind the tables, not in front of them.’:)

However, I would totally repeat it in the future, it was fun and fortunately, we worked with a bunch of new colleagues as trainees, with big potential from each and every one of them, talented guys and fun people to work with.” – Raducu Butnariu

“The pre-employment experience was a really gainful and positive moment for me. Being a trainer for the first time in this kind of program gave me the chance to meet curious and ambitious people who challenged me with their questions. This commitment made me think at a variety of scenarios that can happen during a presentation so I had to be very documented.

You need to read all the relevant information regarding the theme you are in charge of, make sure you balance the theoretical part with very strong practical examples and also send the information as clear as possible. This was again challenging, as we had to deal with people from different backgrounds and with different skills. I was satisfied to see how these people evolved during the entire training session and the results proved they deserve to continue this journey.” – Catalin Sadagurschi

“For me, this pre-employment session was about teaching satisfaction and organizing ourselves as a group of trainers. It was a great satisfaction to share from personal experience and from the knowledge gained in the past years. It is joyful to see people involved and willing to learn but the best part is that you know you can share everything with them in a practical and efficient way, maybe in a way you would have liked yourself to receive that information when you were a rookie in the field.

I also enjoyed the cooperation between the trainers in a fresh context of a program being organized for the first time in Iasi. It was a good opportunity to test the maturity of QA community in Iasi. We have a lot to take from this event, and I am sure we all have our learnings already.” – Alex Andriesei


Starting April 1, our Iasi Studio will host a JAVA Pre-Employment Training session. As new Softvisioner Madalina says, “You have just to apply and you won’t regret it! Good luck!”

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