Softvision supports MindChain – When Blockchain meets AI

MindChain is the biggest Blockchain-focused event ever held in Romania

We develop and support the most innovative technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. Join Mindchain in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

One of Business Review flagship events of 2019, MindChain – When Blockchain Meets AI, Powered by Modex, is the biggest Blockchain-focused event ever held in Romania.

Over two days, between 21-22 February, in Cluj-Napoca, dubbed Romania’s Silicon Valley due to the unique mix of tech companies and strong student community, the event will explore the interaction between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The event will open with a speech by Emil Boc, Cluj-Napoca Mayor, who will talk about the benefits of using emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in major business sectors, local public administration and at the government level.

Over 40 international speakers and specialists are joining the event, such as Max Borders (Executive Director at Social Evolution, co-founder of Voice & Exit); Ed Dowding (CEO at; Anu Bhardwaj (founder of Women Investing in Women Digital); Cornel Amariei (Head of Innovation at Continental, inventor, author); Muhammad Salman Anjum (CEO at Blockpreneurs & Feelogical Solutions); Yael Tamar (founder of Top of Blockchain); Chris Dawe (CEO of

With a 30-strong panel agenda featuring international speakers and key figures on the Blockchain scene, MindChain will bring forward the latest use cases for Blockchain and AI across a comprehensive mix of industries, such as retail, finance and banking, real estate, transportation, as well as emerging areas such as art, entertainment and media.

Through its architecture, MindChain is designed to attract a varied audience, from blockchain investors and professionals to startups, students and the general public interested to discover how these new technologies will shape everyday life.

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