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Cognizant Softvision Delivers “Boxes of Hope” to Children in Romania

Softvisioners Bring Gifts to Underprivileged Families this Holiday Season

ROMANIA, December 2019 – Cognizant Softvision Studios across Romania were filled with packages, ribbons, and bows this holiday season, all in preparation for local children in need. Softvisioners from our Iasi, Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare Studios bought, wrapped and delivered gifts to hundreds of children as part of our annual “Box of Hope” initiative. 

For over a decade, Softvisioners have taken much joy in donating presents to underprivileged children and families through local charity organizations. In 2019, over 300 gifts were donated, with dozens of Softvisioners eagerly volunteering to personally deliver the packages. 

In our Timișoara Studio, 11 Softvisioners were happy to visit the kids involved in “FOR HELP,” a nonprofit organization that aims to integrate and improve the quality of life for children, to reduce school abandonment risk, and help children that are victims of domestic violence.

Roxana Cioban from our Timișoara Studio spoke of the experience, saying, “Everyone at the office was so excited to bring a smile to the kids’ faces so we all contributed to the cause by wrapping the most beautiful presents we could. The office was full of colorful wrapping paper and boxes filled with hope, dreams, sweets and warm clothes. The most wonderful moment was when we delivered the presents and saw sincere happiness on their faces. As a Softvisioner, it’s important to contribute to society and always think in an altruistic way.”

In our Bucharest Studio, around 70 Softvisioners made a contribution to the campaign, with several colleagues delivering the presents to the children at their local charity. Included in the gifts were not only toys and treats, but warm jackets, boots, and other basic necessities. Each gift was accompanied by good wishes and thoughts, all gathered in letters “from Santa.” 

Our Iasi colleagues received 51 letters that included requests from pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school children from remote villages around Iasi. Many colleagues answered the call to be “Santa’s helpers” and donated all the items requested in the letters. The seven Iasi Softvisioners who personally delivered the gifts were greeted with warm smiles from the many children who were surprised to receive everything they wanted from Santa.

In Cluj-Napoca, 125 children from local organizations, Padre Pio Association and Civitas Association, were overjoyed to receive their gifts, which included sweets, clothes, and other requested items. Many Cluj-Napoca Softvisioners also chose to donate money to help the disadvantaged families.

One particular family in need was the focus of Softvisioners in Baia Mare. Forty-five colleagues were happy to donate toward the purchase and installation of a washer and dryer for the family, which included seven children. The team also gave funds to the family for everyday necessities, such as food. 

Undoubtedly, our Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare and Iasi Studios are making an impact on children’s lives across Romania. The kids who receive presents through our “Box of Hope” initiative are always happy to receive their gifts, but we would like to think that there’s a larger, overall positive influence. Robert Stoean, SW Engineer from our Bucharest Studio shared his thoughts on the far-reaching impact this program could have on the kids.

“I like to think that, looking beyond the atmosphere of the holidays and the magic and joy of giving from the eve of Christmas, one of the most important successes of such projects is the fact that, in a way, those children strengthen their belief that there is, there somewhere, a world larger than their known universe, a universe governed mainly by hardships and shortcomings; there is a world in which people help other people.” 

During the season of giving, our Softvisioners in Romania spread joy through their kindness, generosity, and compassion. With each gift, comes hope. And with hope, children can dream of a better future.

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