Feb 12, 2019 by Softvision Team

Softvision Candle and Cognizant Outreach Work Together for School Children

On Republic Day 2019, Both Teams Visited Two Local Schools

January 26, 2019 – The Softvision Candle and Cognizant Outreach team visited two remote schools in the village of Sulvadi and Bidarahalli of the Chamrajnagar District on Republic Day this year as part of their CSR initiative. This was Softvision’s first initiative in collaboration with the Cognizant Outreach – Cognizant CSR.

A team of 40 volunteers from Candle and Outreach participated in this initiative aimed at educating and spreading awareness among the students of these schools, which operate with meager funds from the government with basic facilities. Parents of these children generally lack education and are economically unstable, hence counselling becomes important among these children.

A special skit was presented by the Candle volunteers with the objective of bringing awareness on blind beliefs, behavioral change and promoting healthy and hygienic habits. The team members interacted with the students and discussed the importance of cleanliness around them and personal hygiene. In addition, snacks and gifts were distributed to nearly 350 students across both schools.

Interactions like these instill self confidence among the children in remote areas. Students actively get involved in such interactions and this can pave the way for a better understanding of themselves and managing challenges with a positive approach.

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