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Five female Softvisioners present their first steps and challenges in the IT field at Talento Digital event

Buenos Aires, October 24, 2019. A group of Softvisioners from our Buenos Aires studio delivered a talk about their experience as women in technology, the challenges that they faced in the IT industry as well as tips and recommendations for people wanting to start a career in tech. The event was organized by Talento Digital, an initiative from the Argentinean government that offers scholarships for people over 18 in order to fill the positions with higher demand on the market. 

The panel was formed by women of different roles, ages, and professional backgrounds: Ivana Occhiato – Project Manager, Julia Girona – QA Engineer, Cintia Argain – Software Architect, Mariana Castro Evans – Software Engineer and Daniela San Juan – UX Designer. And while each woman represented a different role, they all had passion for technology in common, and transmitted that to the audience. “The best advice I can give to someone starting in this industry, is that they shouldn’t feel intimidated and they should cultivate their curiosity and desire to learn new things all the time,” said  Julia Girona. 

After the talk, many attendees asked questions to the speakers to know more about how they could develop careers in tech. Ivana Ochiato gave this piece of advice, “Take advantage of the opportunity that companies give you to learn new things and train in new skills, and don’t feel frustrated when you don’t know something but are willing to learn.” Cintia Argain agreed, adding, “You don’t have to know about everything when you start, but always try to learn something new day by day.” 




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