Aug 31, 2020 · by Softvision Team

Providing Opportunities for Young Devs

Ada, an organization that empowers women through technology, and Cognizant Softvision help two graduates kick start their IT career

Taking the leap from student to professional life is not always easy. But, sooner or later, opportunity knocks. For Carolina Soria and Paula Illanes that time came in October 2019 while they were studying to become frontend developers at Ada, an organization that empowers women through technology. Thanks to a job placement program, they both began working as junior programmers at Cognizant Softvision’s Buenos Aires studio.

“At the beginning everything was new. I expected a warm environment with people to guide me and that was exactly what I found,” Paula recalls. 

During her first weeks at Cognizant Softvision, Paula started working on the company website.  Today, she works on an internal project called Skill Matrix. “That transition helped me to learn not only about code, but also about how a project is managed,” she adds. 

For Carolina, her experience was similar. She started learning Javascript while helping with the website layout. Later, Carolina began working with Game of Pods, one of the biggest projects in Cognizant Softvision. 

“The transition was difficult, but everybody was patient and helped me in the process. When I started I hoped to expand my knowledge, be able to apply it, and grow on a personal and professional level. Now I expect to continue training and learning other languages ​​and libraries,” she proudly states.

Mariana Castro Freyre is the HR Director in Argentina, based out of the Buenos Aires studio. “In Argentina we recruited more than 200 employees in one year. During this time we learned that guiding and teaching young devs is a long term bet that is worth making. Experience within an agile, digital and global company like Cognizant Softvision is an opportunity to kick off their career path, learn while immersed in real projects, and receive hands-on training.” 

Even the most accomplished professionals were once new to their field, intimidated by the size of projects, unsure of their abilities. But with time, patience, and teamwork with colleagues, recent graduates and those new to the field have the opportunity to grow and thrive in their career.

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