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Programmers’ Week 2019: Every speaker has a story

Day 2 at Cognizant Softvision's largest technical event revealed the passion Softvisioners feel about innovation

Lakeland, Florida, USA, September 10, 2019. Darren Oh sounds confident in front of the camera, it’s 2:05 pm in Florida and his presentation on how to work effectively with the Open Source Community has just started. Although it’s his first experience at Programmers’ Week, he has given tech talks in the past. “Events like this help people who do not work together find out what other people in the company have to share”, Darren believes.

He is 43 years old and, like most Gen X, he has a clear memory of the moment when innovation took over his professional life. “I was 29 when I started getting into the tech world. I was using Drupal to set up a website and many features were not available in the latest version. I tried to make an update and realized that it wasn’t necessary to understand all the code to be able to contribute”; he remembers.

A couple of hours earlier, 7.400 km to the south, a young UX Designer sat in front of her notebook at our Buenos Aires Studio. It was Daniela San Juan, the first Argentinian speaker to deliver an external talk at Programmers’ Week. Unlike Darren, she grew up being a millennial. She is 27 years old and her first contact with a computer was when playing at the age of 5. “I find it very easy to adapt, I’m a techie and I’m always looking for apps that make my life easier”; she describes herself.

Daniela discovered what UX Design was on a previous job, and the attraction was immediate. “Nobody told me a word about it at college but I felt it was absolutely natural to me”; she confesses, and her eyes shine like only passionate ones do. She is an ambassador for + Women for UX Argentina, an initiative that empowers women to learn and share their experiences, and has just graduated from Buenos Aires University as a graphic designer. Stopping is not an option for this curious Softvisioner.

Like Darren and Daniela, there’s a unique story of innovation behind every speaker. Tuesday, the second day of Programmers’ Week, finished with 12 talks broadcast publicly from India, Romania, Ukraine, Argentina and the United States to people around the world, and 16 talks delivered internally to our Cognizant Softvision global team.

All week up to September 12, Softvisioners will continue to deliver live-streamed technical talks; stay tuned to know more about the adventure every programmer has to tell!

Want to know what’s in store for today and tomorrow? Click here to see the full agenda.

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