Programmers’ Week 2018

Softvision's Largest Technical Event Celebrates Technology, Innovation & Knowledge

Organized around International Programmers’ Day, Programmers’ Week at Softvision celebrates technology, innovation and knowledge. The event began four years ago in our Romanian Studios, and this year we are expanding globally, recognizing the entire Softvision community. As our largest technical event, all of our communities are engaged, improving knowledge and expertise and encouraging career development.

During five days, September 10-14, 2018, Softvisioners have the opportunity to present Tech Talks for their colleagues around the world. Speakers provide relevant, useful and engaging talks on cutting edge projects, emerging technologies, innovation case studies, or even just their favorite technology. This year’s topics include Blockchain, DevOps, .NET, Robotic Process Automation, QA, and much more.

When: September 10-14, 2018

Where: Across Softvision Studios

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