Over 1,500 Participants Gather for Codecamp Iasi

Five Softvisioners joined one of the largest IT events in Romania; Tech Lead Dragos Rogojan, shares his experience

Iasi, October 26, 2019 – Cognizant Softvision participated in the Fall edition of Codecamp Iasi, an event designed to bring together some of the major tech players needed to make a successful business and learning environment: IT professionals, companies, communities and some of the best international and local speakers. 

During the one-day event organized at the Hotel International Iasi, five Softvisoners joined the stage: Calin Zapan, JavaScript Engineer, Cosmin Bardan & Alex Sava, Quality Engineers, Valentin Botoc, Dev Technical Coordinator and Dragos Rogojan, a Tech Lead from the Iasi studio who delivered a presentation on Test Driven Development (TDD). The .NET Software Engineer said he enjoyed doing live coding and having the opportunity to explain how to apply the Transformation Priority Premise.

“Usually, when we learn TDD, we are told that to make the current failing test pass we should write the simplest thing that could possibly work or do what the laziest developer would do. These instructions aren’t that helpful because they can be interpreted in many ways. But, with the help of the Transformations List, you can get from specific to generic incrementally,” said Dragos.

Attendees also got the chance to learn more about potential job opportunities and talk with our experts at the Cognizant Softvision booth. 

We’re looking forward to participating in the Cluj-Napoca edition, on November 30Want to join us? 

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