Our experience at Droidcon Romania 2019

The first week of October had Cognizant Softvision participating in three events, including three Softvisioners speaking at Droidcon

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, October 3-4, 2019. Cognizant Softvision was proud to participate at droidcon as a Knowledge Partner. The event in Cluj-Napoca featured three presentations led by our experts: Alin Turcu, Mobile and AI Community Manager, Csaba Czank, Senior Android Developer – both from the Cluj-Napoca Studio -, and Mihaly Nagy, Tech Lead from our Android Community in Baia Mare Studio.

This was the last of three tech events where Cognizant Softvision participated during the first week of October in Romania in addition to GoTechWorld, in Bucharest, and Revoj.js, in Timisoara. During these opportunities, Softvisioners featured on stage, sharing their insights and latest trends.

Droidcon is the place to meet the global Android community, hear the latest news from expert speakers, and discover cutting-edge Android developments while connecting with peers. This year, the conference focused on topics like: Android libraries, Data model/ APIs, architecture, UI/ UX, among others.

Find our more about our participation at droidcon San Francisco, droidcon Berlin, and about droidcon Transylvania 2018. 

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