Only 4 days until Programmers’ Week!

On September 9-13, we will celebrate Programmers’ Week, a 5-day event filled with amazing activities. This event honors all of our technical colleagues, their expertise, and our culture, that continually encourages and empowers knowledge sharing. With this objective in mind, we will host three main events: 

September 9 to 12: Tech Talks Worldwide, streamed online

During these 4 days, Softvisioners from all over the world will give technical talks that will be live-streamed both internally and externally. These interesting discussions will cover topics ranging from technical workshops and industry trends, to discussions on leadership and doing business in the IT world. 

Get your questions ready! Post them on the comments section during the live-stream or wait for the Q&A session at the end. 

September 13: The 256 Conference in Bucharest, Romania

To celebrate Programmers’ Day, select international speakers, including Andres Angelani, Cognizant Softvision CEO and Malcolm Frank, President of Cognizant Digital Business will gather in Bucharest, Romania. On that day, technology leaders will discuss new ideas and latest technology trends, in addition to sharing their experiences with the audience. 

October 19-20: Coding Contest, Romania

In October, we will invite teams of developers from Romania to participate in a two-day, challenge-filled coding contest. Total prizes will exceed $70,000. 

Here’s to an amazing week ahead! For more information and register for the tech talks click here.

Our CEO, Andres Angelani invites you to celebrate #InternationalProgrammersDay:


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