Nepal Studio’s Annual Party

Softvision's Nepal Studio Celebrates their Achievements

June 16th, 2018 – Every year, Softvision’s Nepal Studio celebrates and remembers their past achievements and looks forward to the journey ahead at their annual party. This year’s event was held at Karma Lounge in Tripureshor, Kathmandu. The venue was chosen to set the stage for what the Studio has achieved in the past year and what they aspire to achieve in the years to come.

The host for the night, EMCEE Renji Yonjan, was electric right from the start to finish. The program began with a welcome toast, where everyone raised their glass commemorating the hard work and accomplishments of the past year. This was followed by a speech by the Director of India & Nepal Studios, Yajurendra Bahadur Shrestha, addressing how the organization has evolved over the years and how truly appreciative he is for everyone putting in their best efforts. His gratification and kind words really boosted everyone’s spirits.

Next, a video compilation of 2017 reminisced all the good times the Nepal Softvisioners had – all the parties, outings, games and other activities. (Special thanks to the recreation team for investing time in creating such a wonderful video!).

Softvision’s Nepal Studio has always been gifted when it comes to hardworking, skilled and committed employees. In order to honor such individuals, the main event for the day, the Employee Rewards & Recognition, followed. Five awards were announced during the party to honor outstanding performances:

  1. “Zealot Award” for service tenure in the organization (five years) – Mr. Niranjan Puri
  2. “Promising Newcomer Award” – Mr. Shahad Shrestha
  3. “Extra Miller Award”- Mr. Rabin Shakya
  4. “Support Staff of the year award” – Mr. Surja Jyoo 
  5. “Movers and Shakers award”- Mr. Sumin Dangol

Most of the employees had brought a guest along with them which added even more energy to the event. It was no surprise that the day ended with everyone having a great time dancing to the DJ’s music on the dance floor.

Congrats to our Nepal Studio for a fantastic year!

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