How was 2021 for Cognizant Softvision?

ZF IT Generation Interviews Cognizant Softvision CEO, Andres Angelani

Popular Romanian publication, Ziarul Financiar (ZF) recently interviewed Cognizant Softvision CEO, Andres Angelani for their talk show series, “IT Generation.” 

Andres’ interview was part of a special edition of “IT Generation,” focusing on the evolution in the tech industry in 2021 and what’s to come in the future. Andres discusses company achievements, strategy and goals for 2022 with ZF journalist, Adrian Seceleanu.

During the interview, Andres mentions Cognizant Softvision’s acquisitions over the past couple years, including the acquisition of Devbridge in 2021.

“Devbridge really expands our digital engineering footprint, specifically our software product engineering capabilities,” Andres revealed.

According to Andres, Devbridge brings a diverse team of 600 designers, engineers and product managers to Cognizant Softvision’s global studio network.

Andres also pointed out that there has been a lot of activity over the last year that has had an impact on Romania. 

“The impact on Romania has been pretty huge. We added about 1,000 software engineers in 2021…we built new facilities…we launched something that we call ‘StudioX’”, said Andres.

Studio eXPerience balances the work-from-home experience with the best of the in-office aspects. Andres shares how StudioX has helped the company scale dramatically and recruit across a broad technology spectrum.

To close things out, the two discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted not just business, but humanity.

“There are several challenges for all of us (in 2022)…we turn to our families for insight and support as we fight ourselves out of this pandemic,” revealed Andres.

“We’ll definitely be stronger after this…it’ll make us a little more closer, better and more human at the end of this.”

Andres closes noting that Romania holds an important place in his heart as well as within the Cognizant Softvision family. 

Watch the full ZF IT Generation Special Edition interview here.