May 11, 2020 · by Softvision Team

Getting Collaboration With a Distributed Team Right

CMS Wire highlights how to effectively communicate with a distributed team

With many organizations all over the world adjusting to having a fully distributed team, communication and collaboration are at the forefront of every conversation. Questions like, “How do we continue the momentum without having face-to-face communication?” “How can we work effectively together, if we aren’t together?” are now being asked by every business leader in fears that being distributed means disrupting business.

But, many companies have had a distributed workforce for decades now and have answered the questions asked with their version of success because they are still working remotely. So, having a distributed team can work. In a recent CMS Wire article, “Getting Collaboration With a Distributed Team Right,” Cognizant Softvision CEO, Andres Angelani shares more about the Cognizant Softvision culture and how it translates into a successful virtual environment. He shares that Cognizant Softvision has intentionally designed the company infrastructure specifically for an Agile or flexible environment, noting that the right culture is a contributing factor to success.

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