Jul 25, 2019 by Softvision Team

Four Day Workshop on Agile Training Organised at Mysore Studio

Ramkumar Arumugam, Sr. Program Manager and Agile Coach for Cognizant Chennai trained more than 100 Cognizant Softvision associates

Mysore, July 25, 2019 – Cognizant Softvision associates from our Mysore Studio went through a four-day Agile training workshop from July 18th  to July 21st at the Studio premises. The training saw participation from softvisioners working in different technology spheres, projects and assignments in the organization, with various levels of experience.

The main objective of the training was to familiarize attendees with several aspects of using Agile for efficient project management, and also to explore the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Team, a key aspect of this methodology. The workshop covered numerous topics, such as Project Vision & Planning, Cross Functional Behaviour, Roles & Responsibilities, Estimation Techniques, Project Phases and Customer Relationship.

The session was made engaging through activities that included brainstorming, group discussions and case study analysis, designed to stimulate the thinking ability,  and pave the way for the application of the concepts in real life scenarios. 

On his experience participating in the training, Vinod Gurubasavaiah, Senior Software Engineer said: ‘’Ramkumar’s used simple and plain language. He gave no book definitions of the Agile terms and used relatable examples. This put us at ease’’

‘’Ramkumar took us back to our classroom days with his flipchart and markers instead of corporate slides. At the end of the sessions, we came out inspired to become corporate trainers and scrum masters” said Basavaraju MN, Senior Software Engineer.

“Ramkumar didn’t serve everything on a plate. He asked questions first in order to make us think. He made us listen and give our undivided attention” added Mohana Rangaswamy, RPM of RFID Projects

Summing up, the workshop was a fun-filled, activity-based event, packed in simplified language, realistic examples and precise content. 

About the Trainer: Mr. Ramkumar Arumugam works as a Sr. Program Manager for Cognizant, leading large scale product development teams. In the past he has fulfilled multiple roles, from developer to tech lead and project manager. His specialties include Project Management, Program Management and Agile Coaching. For most of his career, he has worked in retail, in the Merchandising, Finance and Logistics areas.


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