First Event Focused on Tech and Diversity Comes to Latin America

Mariana Castro Evans and Marina La Rosa participate in Jump Conference, an online event organized in Buenos Aires

On July 18, 2020 Cognizant Softvision participated in and sponsored Jump Conference, an event organized by Media Chicas, a non profit organization that promotes diversity in the tech industry. During the 10 hour event, more than 2,600 people attended 17 different talks and workshops presented by Periscope, Facebook and YouTube. 

Among its 21 speakers was Marina La Rosa, a Cognizant Softvision UX Designer from the Buenos Aires studio, who delivered a presentation about bias-free Artificial Intelligence. “I was surprised by the number of people who attended the talk (500+). It had a very positive impact – many people began to follow me on social media, congratulated me and asked me to pass along material  from the presentation to learn more. This is what gratifies me the most: raising awareness on topics and debates that should be in the spot of the public eye,”points out Marina.

From Marina’s point of view, virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana reinforce sexist stereotypes. The debate quickly escalated to Twitter, where users kept talking about the obedient and submissive characteristics of these AI tools and the origin of their names. “The Jump event opens the space for sharing and nurturing experiences in the tech area where there is still a long way to go in terms of inclusion and diversity. It was a super enriching experience, from the moment I chose the subject, deeply researched it and was chosen as a speaker,” Marina concluded.

Later that day, attendees also got a chance to hear from a Cognizant Softvision software engineer from the Buenos Aires studio, Mariana Castro Evans, from the .NET community, discussing “Authentication and Authorization with Keycloak.” “I really liked how the conference was both, full of content, but with a fun approach. Presenting some of the knowledge that I got at Cognizant Softvision to the bigger tech community was also a cool experience,” adds Mariana, who also enjoyed participating as an audience member for other presentations throughout the day. 

Jump Conference set an incredible stage to  learn, connect, share and boost talent, but also to work together towards a more inclusive and diverse tech culture, an industry that is predominantly male driven. Overall, it was a great first step towards closing the gap.

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About the Jump Conference

The June 2020 Jump Conference was the first technology and inclusion event in Latin America. The event featured 21 speakers with the objective of learning, connecting, sharing, boosting talent, making visible the culture of diversity and advocating for change towards a diverse culture. 


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