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Find out How Disruptors are Embracing Blockchain

Oakland Studio Opening - Engage, Make, Run and Evolve

On February 2nd, the first Oakland #FirstFriday of 2018, Softvision celebrated the grand opening of our Oakland Studio with local thought leaders, developers, and Blockchain enthusiasts. Sharing our launch of Softvision Labs, we introduced several of our workshops, but the highlights of the night included the unveiling of Strider Patton’s original mural piece. We also enjoyed brews with another local to Oakland, Federation Brewery. Our team was very excited to kick off our studio opening by inviting the Oakland community, and it was a fantastic start to many more events, tech talks, and collaborations.

Why Oakland?

Our move to Oakland places our leadership and command center at the heart of Northern California’s technical community, where innovation and a thriving entrepreneurial culture nurture disruptive technology companies and enable us to attract and retain top technical talent.

The opening of our Oakland Studio was a fun-filled night shared with locals, friends, colleagues, and the Oakland Blockchain community. Brandon Gilchrist, our guest speaker for the night, shared his insights on Steemit, the fastest growing site that is currently the second in the most content traffic, aside from Reddit. The Steemit concept is to reward contributors for great content. As Blockchain continues to grow, more social channels are sharing insights as open source to help continue the growth of the quickly expanding Blockchain community. Some other channels Brandon listed were busybeta and Dtube.video. For more examples, see Brandon’s presentation below.

To end the night, guests enjoyed watching artist Strider Patton at work. Strider has spent over a decade as an accomplished street artist, and also holds a master’s degree in anthropology and social change. Strider began work on an original mural in our Oakland studio in late January 2018 to help us beautify and personalize our space while enhancing Oakland’s history of mural art.He put the finishing touches on the project at our opening (stop motion video coming soon!). His “transformation” abstract mural in the Oakland studio will continue to inspire us in the years to come.

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