Fast Company Features Best Practices for Virtual Relationship Building

Two software executives share their best practices for making partnerships feel close and personal in an all-online world.

The pandemic has left a trail of changes to the business world, among them relationship building. While virtual teamwork and team building can be a challenge, building a relationship with a client can feel that much more challenging.

Snjezana Cvoro-Begovic, Executive Vice President of Partnership Strategy at Cognizant Softvision, and James Hartling, Chief Architect shared their best practices for making partnerships feel close and personal in an all-online world with Fast Company in their recent article, “Virtual teamwork with coworkers is hard. Remote relationship-building with clients is harder.”

In the article they highlight that meetings in person, whether that be at a kick off meeting, or industry event, opened the door for a closer interaction that allowed for open collaboration and a closer partnership connection. Where as reading the proverbial “room” during a Zoom meeting has become much harder, challenging them to find ways to best connect with the three key types of customers they typically face in a partnership.

With various personalities that you can’t necessarily pick up on during a virtual meeting, it’s become a challenge to bring people together, connect ideas and dig into the sentiments of what brings real value to a partnership as a result, Cvoro-Begovic and Hartling have had to find ways to build trust and develop relationships – giving three ways for others to use as a north start when building a relationship without the opportunity to do so in-person.

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