Digital Transformation: 5 Reasons Why It Still Fails

Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant Softvision shares his expertise with The Enterprisers Project

A digital transformation is no easy feat. It requires planning, diligence and dedication to the fact that it’s an ongoing process. Yet, it’s something companies must do in order to stay competitive and stand apart from the crowd. While COVID-19 is accelerating the amount of digital transformations taking place, and companies are more committed now, more than ever to digitally transform, there’s still roadblocks that make digital transformations fail – even if everything and everyone is on board.

Cognizant Softvision CEO, Andres Angelani, writes in his latest article for The Enterprisers Project, “Digital Transformations: 5 Reasons Why It Still Fails” that even though executives understand the importance of technology evolution and streamlining digital solutions, it’s still important to note that transformations can fail. “Too often companies believe they have to move quicker than they’re comfortable with, perhaps because they’ve set terribly ambitious deadlines,” says Angelani.

In the article, Angelani discusses the challenges companies face, but also lists potential ways to overcome them, noting that culture change is the hardest part of digital transformations.

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