Mar 16, 2021 by Softvision Team

Cognizant Softvision Women’s Guild In The Spotlight

Fausta Ballesteros, VP of Marketing and Communication, shares with BuiltIn the rational behind the Women’s Guild and the success and challenges of this initiative.

Fausta Ballestero, VP of Marketing and Communication at Cognizant Softvision, along with other top managers at IT companies, shared insights and learnings regarding how technology can get more women involved and promoted in software engineering. The insights were part of an article published by BuiltIn, a leading resource and publication for technology news and professional development.

The article centers on what companies are doing to make sure women are equally recruited, paid and promoted. As part of these initiatives, BuiltIn highlights Cognizant Softvision Women’s Guild, a three-year-old resource group relaunched in 2020 to help improve the experience of 1,000+ women in nine countries, as well as provide career growth and leadership development for them. 

“We wanted to make it better in terms of engagement,” said Fausta Ballesteros, leader of the Women’s Guild. 

In addition to helping women envision a path to leadership at the company, the Women’s Guild provides women with a space and community to share stories and participate in professional development, including participating as speakers at industry events. In addition, the Women’s Guild gathers data and insights on the number of women Cognizant Softvision hires, retention rates for those women, and women promoted into leadership roles. One overarching objective for the Guild is to help the organization recruit and retain women engineers.

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