Jan 8, 2020 · by Softvision Team

Cognizant Softvision Hosts First Design Track Conference At Codecamp Bucharest

The event included 15 of our colleagues on stage

Bucharest, November 9, 2019 —  One of the amazing experiences we had in 2019 was hosting our first UX Mind Unconference event, an activity dedicated to user experience. The event, part of the autumn edition of Codecamp Bucharest, had a flexible schedule, two problem framing workshops, two presentations, and 12 professionals of the Cognizant Softvision UX & Design team from the Bucharest studio – all happy to be a part of CodeCamp Bucharest autumn edition.

“We had a full house and had to rehost the problem framing workshop due to the interest in it. The participants were amazing and with an awesome and positive vibe!” said Marian Voicu, Experience Design Lead. The first UX Mind Unconference was beyond expectations and the impact of the participation was really high, receiving comments such as:, “It has been some time since I saw this kind of interaction. Are you hiring?” or “Super efficient, nice team and trainers.”

“What I really liked the most was the fact that everybody got involved, they were really, really interested in uncomfortable discussions and instead of just having chairs and everybody sitting presentation after presentation, they actually did workshops and had conversations on different topics regarding user experience design,” added UX Designer Ionut Schmidt

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Meet the complete UX Mind Unconference team!

Additionally, three Cognizant Softvision colleagues joined the main stage to share their knowledge, experience, and insights. One of them – our Frontend Developer Ioana Mihailescu – delivered a presentation on “The Sound of Data.” “The fact that Cognizant Softvision had three of their people presenting different technical subjects was a plus because everybody could see that we are involved in these types of events,” mentioned Ioana, making reference not only to hers, but to Web Community Lead Mihai Ureche’s talk,“Manage Your State in a React App Using Mobx and Hooks” as well as Development Team Lead Vicentiu Bacioiu’s, “Intrinsic Web Design”.

Attendees also got the chance to learn more about potential job opportunities and talk with our experts at the Cognizant Softvision booth. 

We’re looking forward to participating in the 2020 CodeCamp edition. Want to join us? 

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