Cognizant Softvision At The Largest Conference For Women In Tech

Frontend Developer Ancuta Pirvu and VP of Marketing & Communication Fausta Ballesteros to present at the WomenTech Global Conference 2021

WomenTech Global Conference 2021 is the largest conference for women in tech. In its second edition, ​​​​​​this virtual conference will bring together women in tech, as well as minorities and allies from all over the world, through an interactive platform featuring live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, country and chapter leader sessions, technical workshops, and face-to-face networking sessions.

When: June 7-11, 2021

Where: Online Live Streaming

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Featuring 500+ speakers, WomenTech Global Conference 2021 includes a special presentation from a Cognizant Softvision Frontend Developer from the Timisoara studio, Ancuta Pirvu. Ancuta’s presentation, “Psychology on the Web,” takes place on June 8th at 12:10 PM (GMT+3).

Ankuta, a programmer in this industry for more than two years, is excited to share her research and findings involving the use of specific “triggers” and their ability to persuade someone to make confident choices both in their physical and digital lives. She believes that, when used ethically, these ‘triggers’ can “bring great advantages to websites and the companies they represent both in terms of traffic and revenue without putting a strain on the user.”

She is thrilled to be a part of the WomenTech Global Conference and excited to share her knowledge with other web enthusiasts.

The conference will also feature fifteen-year industry veteran Fausta Ballesteros, Cognizant Softvision’s VP of Marketing and Communication, sharing her discussion titled “Thriving During Covid With an Engaging and Strong Culture.” Fausta’s presentation takes place on June 8th at 10:10 AM (GMT+3).

In March, the entire organization and thousands of employees went to a remote environment in less than 48 hours to adhere to ‘Shelter in Place’ rules associated with the global pandemic. Cognizant Softvision, like many organizations, was faced with a daunting challenge: How do we maintain our unique collaborative and team-oriented culture when everyone is operating in a distributed environment from home? 

Fausta’s session will discuss the importance of culture in a modern and often remote organization and present realistic best practices that companies and executives can implement to build and maintain culture.

Register here to watch the live stream of Fausta’s and Ancuta’s presentations on June 8th and learn more about WomenTech Global Conference 2021.



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