Cognizant Softvision at 2NHack 2020 | Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 2020

Join us at 2NHack 2020, a spooky AI hackathon on Halloween organized by Codette

This Halloween, we are proud supporters of Codette‘s 2NHack 2020 online event, a spooky hackathon where teams use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build products with real applicability. 

The event connects people from different professional backgrounds and encourages them to create solutions to real problems, fostering diversity that leads to progress and productivity. Regardless of your favorite programming language, all are invited to contribute to practical solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. 

Data scientists, developers, researchers, AI engineers, UX designers, marketing and business specialists are invited to bring ingenuity, creativity, programming and problem solving skills (and more) that can help solve real problems. The final solutions should be oriented toward Artificial Intelligence through the applied techniques and ideas.

2NHack 2020 Hackathon by Codette

When: October 30 at 9 AM  – November 1 at 7 PM (UTC+02) 

Where: Online

Register here 

Learn more

You can register for the hackathon here and can find more information in the Facebook event page. In the case of teams, registration is done by one person. Please note that this event will be held in Romanian.


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