Codecamp Conference in Cluj-Napoca, November 24


Codecamp is one of the largest IT conferences in Romania. The conference focuses on a multitude of topics and takes place in several locations, so there’s truly something for everyone.

As a returning partner of Codecamp, Softvision is proud to announce 12 Softvisioners will be speaking at the event, sharing their expert insights.

When: November 24, 2018
Where: Grand Hotel Italia
2 Strada Trifoiului
400000 Cluj-Napoca
Register Here

Break the rules. Innovate.

Break RulesOur theme for this year’s Codecamp is: “Break the rules. Innovate.” Visit us at our booth to discover what our theme is all about!

And don’t forget to have fun.
We challenge you to “master the beans” with chopsticks and win a prize!

Plus, test your tech knowledge with our Codecamp Quiz. Download the Softvision Codecamp Quiz from Google Play and the App Store.

The Softvision Talks, Cluj-Napoca

“Path” with Marius Baghiu


“My journey in REST APIs automatization” with Alexandru Belean


“An insight of object detection using deep learning” with Anca Ciurte


“Serverless Architecture and Design” with Petre-Dragos Constantinescu


“Building VR & AR experiences” with Dan Ichim


“I suck as a leader…and here’s why” with Flaviu Ionescu


“Designing for a Different World” with Botond Palko


“The one with the developer, the designer and the guidelines” with Cristina Pocol


“Build reactive and highly scalable microservices” with Razvan Prichici


“Design with <style>” with Adrian Cosmin Prunas


“BDD for automation testing, bridging the gap between automation engineers and manual testers” with Nicoleta Ungurusan


“The boring, the repetitive and the menial; ideas on how not to go bananas” with Adrian Vaiesu


For more information on Codecamp Cluj-Napoca, click here.

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