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Codecamp Cluj-Napoca | April 13, 2019


Codecamp is one of the largest IT conferences in Romania. The conference focuses on a wide variety of topics pertinent to the IT industry, including new technologies, practices and trends.

Codecamp takes place in many different cities across Romania. On April 13, Codecamp comes to Cluj-Napoca. As a returning global partner of Codecamp, we’re excited to announce seven speakers from Cognizant Softvision will be sharing their expert insights at the April 13th event.

When:  April 13, 2019
Where: Grand Hotel Italia Cluj-Napoca
Str. Trifoiului nr. 2
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cost:  Free
Register Here

The Cognizant Softvision Talks, Cluj-Napoca:

 “Kotlin DSLs demystified” with Mihaly Nagy

This presentation focuses on a very specific part of the Kotlin language, and the new ways of thinking it brings to Java developers.
Writing Kotlin DSLs is super fun and useful. We will be covering the theory behind it and some examples.

“No one’s going to speak your mind for you!” with Flaviu Ionescu

Through my career, one of my biggest challenges was making sure my team is happy. This is a constant task and a tremendous responsibility.
I want to make sure that every one of them gets what they need, and even more importantly, what they want, in order to get the job done.I can give them what they need, but unless they speak up, I have no idea what they want. And I can’t deliver things I don’t know about. No one’s going to speak your mind for you!

“Value and Metrics in Automation Testing” with Alexandru Belean

In this session I will discuss about what contribution, what value brings automation testing into a project and also about the metrics we should follow. The main goal is to answer to the following questions: why do we do automation? What and when do we automate? How do we monitor the efficiency of the automation testing? How do we integrate the other team members into this process? How do we advertise our solution to the client?

Read more about Alexandru’s speaking experience at Codecamp 2018.

“Client relations, building your technical freedom; an introductory talk” with Adrian Vaiesu

How to handle different types of clients, from the technical to the non-technical, from the laid back, to the micromanager.


“Improving shopping experience with ML” with Anca Ciurte

Improve shopping experience with ML by automatically extracting visual features of interest items directly from images. This solution offers real time detection of the surrounding clothing items and assists the shopping process by recommending similar or matching items based on their visual features such as color, pattern or tailoring cuts.

“The power of a checkbox” with Botond Palko

Few things in life are as well contained as a check mark inside a checkbox. What if cluttered digital services could be streamed down to something simpler?


“Using Vue.js with A-frame to create virtual reality” with Dan Ichim

A-frame is great, vue.js is great why not combine them? I will make an intro to Vue modern frontend framework and a-frame framework for building virtual reality experiences.


View the full agenda here

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