BuiltIn Talks Sprint Retros with Greg Rice

Softvisioner Greg Rice reflects on sprint retrospective in BuiltIn's latest article

A sprint retrospective is the opportunity for a team to hone in on a challenge and work together to break through the barrier. aThe retro shouldn’t feel forced or like a chore, but rather an opportunity for sprint groups to walk away feeling ready to tackle the challenge ahead.

For Cognizant Softvision Engineering Lead, Greg Rice, it’s more than that. It’s therapy. In BuiltIn’s latest article, “8 Ways To Make Sprint Retros More Actionable,” Rice says, “A retrospective is therapy, and therapy isn’t easy.” The article continues to highlight the challenges that a team lead may face, stating that no team lead wants the challenge of dealing with a emotion-fueled sprint retrospective. Instead encouraging to try and find a happy medium, showcasing eight ways to make retrospectives more actionable including setting some ground rules to ensure that participants can speak up and stay focused on the task at hand.

To read more about the strategies to make sprint retrospectives more actionable, click here.


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