Feb 12, 2020 · by Softvision Team

Bringing Nationalities Together in Romania

“Swap Language” meetings connect people from different cultural backgrounds and languages

BAIA MARE, ROMANIA, February 2020 – Softvisioners from the Baia Mare Studio started a local meet-up series to connect face-to-face with internationals, learn about foreign cultures and swap languages with native speakers.

What started out as an idea quickly turned into something the community of Baia Mare would talk about. Swap Language, a concept that was born in Aarhus, Denmark is based around the idea of creating the opportunity to learn, practice or teach a foreign language with a native speaker. 

Cognizant Softvision knows how important it is for its employees to understand each other both at work and in their free time. This can get challenging, especially when it comes to language and cultural differences between the locals and foreign people within the company.

In an effort to break down these barriers, colleagues from the Baia Mare Studio Zsolt Fay, Technical Support Engineer and Henrietta Brigitta Maior, Team Lead Technical Support Engineer, took an active part in starting a collaboration with Swap Language, which connects participants with local native speakers through www.swaplanguage.com.

Seven meet-ups highlight cultural value

A Swap Language Community was created to help not only Softvisioners but anyone in the city who was interested meet up with native speakers. Now, every month they gather in different locations with great success. To date, there have been seven meet-ups with people from over 15 countries. To make things even more interesting, each month’s meeting has a different country as a theme, highlighting its cultural value. 

Praise from participants

“We are breaking down language and cultural barriers in Romania, by bringing nationalities together! Zsolt is our Lead Ambassador in Baia Mare and Cluj-Napoca, and he’s doing a great job growing the Swap Language Community,” says Allan Hermansen, Co-Founder of Swap Language.

“Swap is an awesome opportunity to learn or practice new languages and culture, and also to make new friends!” said Maria Astorqui, an attendee from Spain. 

“A cozy environment to meet people from different cultures and both learn, teach and make friends,” says Signe Hadrup Andersen, a participant from Denmark.

“Swap Language is a very useful meet-up which can contribute to the local community and vice versa,” says Ioana Cosma, an attendee from Romania.

“Before coming to Baia Mare, I had a little experience regarding foreign languages since my university also offers them. But I never went there, probably because I didn’t have much time and also because of my timidity. I’m really happy to have participated in the swap language events, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet people over a drink, learn a new culture, play games and maybe have the will to learn a new language. Unfortunately for me I returned to France…but I wish a good continuation to this event!” says Anthinéa Regnault.

Due to popular demand, future Swap Language meet-ups are currently being scheduled.


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