Nov 12, 2020 by Softvision Team

Authority Magazine’s Women of The C-Suite

Ines Casares, VP of Global Delivery Strategy and Head of Studios, America, sits down with Authority Magazine

Cognizant Softvision believe’s in the importance of a diverse workforce – working hard everyday to close the digital skills gender gap by encouraging and empowering women to choose a career in software product engineering. While there are over 100,000 women employees within Cognizant, 37% of the leadership team is represented by women. Of those women is, Ines Casares, VP of Global Delivery Strategy and the Head of Studios, America for Cognizant Softvision.

Ines recently sat down with Authority Magazine to discuss her insights on how to succeed as senior executive woman. The article, “Women of The C-Suite: Ines Casares of Cognizant Softvision On The Five Things You Need to Succeed As A Senior Executive,” highlights Ines’ backstory and journey thus far, where she outlined that it took her some time to get used to loving a digital product that wasn’t something she could tangibly touch or smell, but eventually understood the importance. “But then I got into it, when I saw the power and potential of creating digital products that help our clients transform their businesses and -why not- the world, I realized how lucky I had been and decided that this was going to be my path,” Ines states.

The article centers on some of the biggest challenges of being a woman executive, in which Ines shares that she’s been fortunate to not have had to deal with the typical challenges like being under-appreciated of unwelcome as woman at the typically male-dominated executive table.

To read the full article, click here.

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